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Maplio: Realtime networked maps for Business and Leisure.

Maplio tracks users in realtime and provides video and real-time chat features. Using an integrated content management system (Drupal) rules and settings can be decided by content creators with no coding experience to define communications and activities based on flexible rules and roles.

Maplio features

Maplio is a GPS enabled mobile/desktop location engine supported by a flexible and powerful content management system

  • Realtime GPS tracking
  • Automatic proximity detection of mobile user locations and static objects both real and virtual.
  • GPS enabled task and route creation, saving and editing
  • Powerful administration and user account panel
  • Configurable proximity event notifications
  • Auto proximity zooming and advanced user tracking controls
  • Social shareable events, sessions and registrations.
  • Accurate real-time compass for distance and bearing to targets.
  • Multiple and age segregated interaction zones.
  • WebRTC user video chat.
  • Real-time user text chat.
  • Scoped message broadcasting 
  • User registration and administration
  • Storage and retrieval of multimedia data
  • Temporary location hiding
  • Game sequence manager
  • Interaction rules editor
Maplio is a real-time location engine powered by Drupal, React, and Express.


Maplio uses Drupal for data storage for users, sessions and routes. You are looking at at Drupal site now: a powerful CMS with a first class API for apps to create, read, update and delete data.

Find out more about Drupal here.


The Maplio app is created using Facebook's React UI framework and Leaflet maps. React makes it easy to create interactive user interfaces. Design simple views for each state in your application, and React will efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes. Read more about React here and Express is a real-time server engine that works with node.js Express Rest APIs to quite literally bring maps to life. All messages between users are sent across sockets and all configuration and non-live data is handled by Express.

Maplio allows users to visit each other in places of interest - both real and virtual through a mobile navigation interface enabling participation in shared online activities. This is great for a wide range of applications from organising treasure trails, self-guided tours, cultural tours, through to managing the movements of courier, freight and staff through a single interface. Maplio content can be anything from recorded messages to live video streams to support a wide range of applications.

Mobile based interactive maps

The maplio augmented reality engine can support a wide range of technical, business, community and leisure activities. Realtime video and text communications in addition to cyborg enhancement power up packs enable users to engage with outdoor spaces in their local areas in novel ways. Adults can plan couriers services and kids can collect cards and trade them with their mobile phones and tablets.



Maplio opens up new opportunities for outdoor gaming with GPS tracking, augmented reality viewports and social media interactions. The next example demonstrates a simple zombie chase game where players can collect treasure and avoid getting eaten by zombies.

The Maplio engine can support a wide range of business, community and leisure activities. Augmented reality enables users to engage with outdoor spaces in their local areas in novel ways.

Maplio is a general purpose map based location tracking engine and social network which offers a robust set of features for gaming and business pursuits with a familiar social network interface. The simplest use case for maplio is a route/trail recorder and navigator, but it can do so much more.

Video communications

Maplio will provide extensive support for realtime WebRTC peer to peer video communications. At the moment we are using the default to demonstrate how this works. Due to limitations on camera sharing on the PC for recording we were unable to record actual video while recording but we can outline  the process for accessing video. This works between remote devices including mobile to mobile communications. with sufficient funding we will integrate a paid service for offering better quality and more reliable streaming.

Proximity detection and realtime tracking

Maplio provides high precision GPS enabled proximity tracking between users and stationary objects. This could be used for a wide variety of applications include accurate track and trace, gaming, and business logistics.

Track and trace: Trigger notificatiotns to selected recipients when specific proximity events occur. e.g. send an sms or an email when tagged targets come within close proximity of eachother.

Gaming: Proximity detection can be used in a wide variety of ways for gaming. The Maplio zombie game demo already available is a great example of actions being triggered by proximity events.

Logistics: Automate scheduling and notify managers when specific targets have been reached.

Queue management: One of maptrackers more advanced proposals is for an automated queue management system with integrated social distance checking. Further information is available in the Maplio funding proposal and business plan.

Maplio enables dynamic location based applications across a really wide range of sectors.

We welcome any questions, proposals or ideas you may have please dont hesitate to get in touch!