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Maplio can facilitate a wide range of activities to suit a broad range of demographics. Any of these examples can be presented as an always-on session for anyone to use at any time, or as an event with a specific scheduled date and time.

Events can either be free, or paid, or a combination of both depending on the level of involvement. Maplio comes with full support for content management and ecommerce so specific terms can be applied to each unique event.

These are just a few introductory examples. Maplio intends to make it easy for businesses and communities to create their own content to extend this list and create new forms of interactions to enhance existing services and create brand new ones! 

Venues and businesses can create interesting and fun trails that offer vouchers, promotions and discounts for their products which can be collected on maplio routes and presented at selected outlets. For example a local museum could present a cultural tour of a specific theme and offer discounts at its cafe on presentation of a voucher code or mobile scan code made available on completion of a route.

Maplio proximity triggers make it easy to create activities which respond automatically to a users location. Triggering video and audio is easy with Maplio. As an example a Maplio route could take users round a circuit of trees in a conservation which can automatically provide multimedia content on proximty to various points along the trail. To serve as an illustration it would be easy to create a network of "talking trees" which provide user-friendly presentation of conservation-based content or even combined with artistic content for a truly unique experience.

Users of all ages could enjoy learning about the history of ancient sites, following routes and engaging with content along the way to learn about the rich heritage of otherwise forgotten and unseen worlds that surround us everyday!

Maplio allows users to discover facts and content about ancient sites across the globe - from Stone Henge to Machu Picchu. Due to the unique interactive nature of maplio routes its possible to include location specific advertising and promotion content to users based on their demographic. Entire programmes of local events can be linked to these sites to create educational tours with links to local commerce.

We can't wait to try some of these! Maplio dinosaur trails allow users to discover fossils using the virtual archaeologists toolkit to uncover pieces of these ancient beasts. The final stage of the trail could be to assemble to dinosaur, which could result in a prize, a discount, a voucher, even discounts to participating venues!

Large scale murder mystery activities are increasing in popularity and Maplio makes it easy to create virtual murder-mystery challenges using a wide variety of game elements incorporating virtual and real game elements - from digital puzzles to augmented reality board games - to help or hinder users in their aims of being the first to solve the crime The flexibility of Maplio means that route templates can be rethemed to appeal to a range of demographics.


Maplio enables the easy creation of treasure trails of all types!

This can be as simple as free easter egg hunt around local parks and open spaces with no other aim than the joy of discovering the prizes inside (you may have to crack the egg to collect the prizes).

At the other end of the scale treasure hunts could be paid events where teams of users have to complete tasks and crack codes to complete a course and collect prizes of real monetary value. 

The possibilities are endless!

Maplio can be used by the general public to track the progress of processions and carnivals through city streets. Carnival processions rarely run on time and anyone subscribing to maplio carnival or procession updates will know EXACTLY when their favourite attractions are going to pass by.

The interactivity offered with Maplio content also means that subscribers can learn about the rich symbolism and history of the various elements of procession at the exact moment they pass by making the entire experience educational as well as entertaining!

Maplio can be used to create maps of festivals and fetes of any size showing where attractions, stalls and stages are situated. In short if can completely replace static online or paper programmes for your event. If an attraction is physically moved or rescheduled during the course of an event this can be updated in real-time. 

Maplio programs allow users to even keep track of moving attractions!

We welcome any questions, proposals or ideas you may have please dont hesitate to get in touch!