Maplio and Social distancing

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Laurence Fass
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Maplio provides new ways for organisations to engage with their customers, and for members of the public to engage with each other. It provides fine grained control over managing proximity in public engagements between mobile users, static locations and each other. Maplio’ configurable proximity detection can be applied to a multitude of uses from notifying service providers of high pedestrian densities in certain areas, to automating queue management to access specific areas or resources, or even manage large scale events.

Syntapse began experimenting with real-time communications within the context of geographical maps at the end of 2019, some months before the Covid pandemic came to dominate every aspect of public and private life. At its inception the motivation for developing such a system was independent of the virus, but its ongoing development became very strongly influenced by the progression of the virus across the globe to become a solution to future proof private and public engagements against future viral outbreaks or even new pandemics.

At the time of writing vaccines are being rolled out across the UK and other countries but there are no certainties on the long term effectiveness, nor how long the Covid virus will affect public behaviour, nor if there will ever be a return to “normal life” as it was perceived before the Covid crisis. Syntapse it dedicated through its Maplio software to serve the public interest in making any kind of event Covid safe with the use of digital technology.

Following are some ways that Maplio can benefit both service providers, organisations and members of the public during the current Covid crisis, and beyond:

  • Facilitates the creation of new types of GPS powered events and activities that can be attended at any time. Examples: micro-festivals and treasure trails are two application proposals included in the appendix of this document can both function with minimal attendees and small groups of participants.

  • Proximity checking can flag areas of high density footfall and signal subscribers when it is safe to approach attractions. Subscribers can cover a range of interested parties from local authorities to individual consumers in potentially busy shopping areas.

  • Realtime feedback enables service providers and operators to monitor even control the footfall to popular attractions using advanced scheduling and notification features. e.g. Virtual queues can be set up to attractions notifying users if they are approaching a high density area.

  • Allows service providers and vendors to continue to promoting their legacy goods and services whilst providing alternative ways to offer promotions and discounts and new products using Maplio core technology.

  • Incentives for participation can be tightly integrated into Maplio activities in the form of promotions, discounts and rewards for participation.

We welcome any questions, proposals or ideas you may have please dont hesitate to get in touch!