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Maplio facilitates complex GPS based communications between mobile users and static locations, streaming data between devices in real-time. A few applications are identified in the following section and Syntapse would like to meet with organisations and stakeholders who have other interests or ideas we have not thought of.

Entertainment and Business Promotion

Maplios extensive content management system can be used by professional organisations and institutions to create well-defined self-guided tours around various places of interest e.g. cities, heritage sites, conservation sites, exercise routes.

Maplio provides an an extensive content management for creating new physical routes which can shared and retraced by hikers, runners, cyclists and even other types of vehicle owners (boats, motorbikes, cars, etc). Maplio can provide metrics such as distance covered and even estimates of calories consumed given a user’s input details. Maplio can provide additional layers of interactivity over conventional route-based applications by adding narratives and stories, even gamefying routes to make exercise more fun and interesting.

This section could be covered under Sport and Leisure but we feel warrants its own section. At the time of writing the UK and large parts of the world are in a state of lockdown with shops and entertainment services closed for business leaving individuals and families with few choices for exercise and leisure pursuits. Maplio adds a new dimension to simple walking and makes it a fun activity for all the family. Using the most basic features of Maplio a simple walk in the park or in the woods can be turned into an epic adventure, or a story, or a whodunnit puzzle with integrated mini-games. It solves two problems at once: getting families active together and giving children computer game time they are increasingly craving. A single mobile phone shared between a family or a large group can provide hours of entertainment. Groups with two or more mobile phones can set up sessions in which to play games or interact on routes in new and fun ways.

Custodians of heritage sites can create or consume self-guided tours of their grounds providing meaningful information and structured progressions around their premises incorporating promotions on completion of task sets or individual tasks e.g. treasure trails or competitions offering product promotions or future ticket discounts. These guided tours can be promoted as events themselves to increase marketing and awareness of Heritage sites and attract a new generation of digital savvy customers.

Custodians of conversation walks can create self-guided tours of their grounds providing meaningful information and structured progression around their premises incorporating promotions on completion of tasks e.g. treasure trails offering cafe promotions or future discounts.

Maplio offers new ways to explore conservation sites. Customers can receive a code on entry to a site which enables one-time access to a multi-media self guided tour to augment the physical experience on route. To serve as an example: Maplio can guide users around an arboretum and can automatically present spoken word, video and text descriptions of a wide variety of trees and plants as users approach them, automatically stopping the presentation as they step away from the active object of interest.

These guided tours can be promoted as events themselves to enhance marketing and awareness of Conservation sites and attract new digital savvy customers.

Maplio will provide an easy to use content mangement system to allow communities to create routes anywhere to create retracable walks around cities, parks, and any area with a specific interest. Routes can convey information about niche interests: haunted tours, historic tours of local community importance, graffiti tours, local business sponsored tours offering promotions, local arts trails. Routes can be published in conjunction with actual events providing a novel and alternative means of promoting those events.

Maplio can support interactive and immersive theatre on any scale across multiple stages. This is great for immersive theatre allowing stories and narratives to be staged and spaced out over new theatre spaces of any size, indoors or out.

Maplio tours dont have to be entirely digital experiences! Maplio provides real-time interactions with objections at real map locations and those objects can be digital or even physical.

It is hoped that an insight into the possibilities presented in this section will enable Maplio to assist in the promotion of arts trails and real art exhibitions anywhere in the world.

Maplio is designed to be easily extendible to meet a wide range of application needs using simple APIs to capture and manage data.

Maplio’s accurate real-time proximity checking and easy-to-navigate user interface can supporting import and export of a multitude of data formats to provides a solid foundation for private research and academic institutions to create applications to capture, export and analyse any form of location based data in real-time. Example applications include track and trace, consumer and pedestrian behaviour, vehicle and traffic behaviour, congestion analytics, to name a few.

Maplio is a real-time platform which supports the creation of a new generation of GPS enabled multi-user mobile games. All games involve the user moving around in a well-defined physical playing area and interacting not only with other players but augmented reality objects placed in their physical locations which will trigger behaviours according to predefined rules based on proximity.

Maplio considers that GPS mobile gaming could be one of its primary incomes in the future. Examples of games that Maplio can support:

  • Adaptations of classic field games: Tag, Capture the flag

  • Adapations of arcade classics: Atari style tennis, Asteroids, Space invaders, Pacman

  • Complex multi user task based role playing games. e.g. Minecraft and Roblox - in real life.

  • Single or multi user survival games e.g. Zombie/apocolypse scenarios.

Maplio can be used to manage complex events consisting of multiple tiers of personnel e.g. conferences, festivals, parades, fair, carnivals and a wide range of other public events.

A complex event could be managed through multiple sessions each one limiting the amount of data and movement available between distinct groups and members of a group.

Maplio enables groups, communities and small business to create their own mini-uber style resource location and tracking services. Maplio will provide an advanced and very flexible tag based real-time search service to allow a user to find any resource – static or moving, not just a vehicle – within a given proximity or meeting specific requirements. Example applications include:

  • Small taxi firms and drive-share communities can create and optimise their driver and passenger experiences.

  • Courier companies can create daily schedules and accurately track couriers progress and current location using a central control panel.

Maplio interactive maps have universal appeal and application. Do you have a good idea for an application or activity we havent thought of? If so get in touch and lets collaborate to make it happen!

We welcome any questions, proposals or ideas you may have please dont hesitate to get in touch!