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Welcome to Maplio

Maplio is the real-time interactive map platform and directory service supporting new types of collaborative mobile engagement enabling decentralized event management with advanced features such as proximity tracking and real-time engagements. Maplio enables community and business engagements with a mobile app, a powerful content management system, and a high performance, scalable real-time location management engine.

The Maplio engine is a developer interface offering a wide range a robust range of cross-sector solutions and services to suppor a multitude of corporate, community, public, and group activities

The Maplio app offers an easy way to manage your events the way you want it, reducing or eliminating middle tier corporate involvement.

Maplio provides a wide range of powerful new features make staying in touch and connecting to your immediate environment easier than ever. 

Next generation digital cacheing

Maplio aims to create a digital repository of mobile enabled community based activities and business services.


Universal application scope

Maplio can facilitate a wide range of novel applications across sectors for business, leisure, security, logistic and medical users creating new business opportunities or augmenting existing ones.

Networked Geocaches

Maplio facilitates creation of networks of caches (physical or data) anywhere in the world.

Maplio supports a wide range of users through a single unified interface that is accessible by non-technical content creators, event planners and decision makers.

Leisure users and their communities can create or engage with an ever-growing collection of games and events

Security personnel can privately exchange asset with live chat, encrypted video streaming and media exchange. Supervisors can schedule, monitor and coordinate activities with ease

Data analysts can benefit from mature support for capturing and exchanging data with other systems in a variety of formats.

Business users and Medical personnel can schedule and monitor a wide range of rules based activities built on a mature role based permissions system. 

Maplio enables new forms of social and business interactions across industry sectors

The searchable Maplio geodata directory serves as an app store for real-time activities and business tools. Users and developers can connect to the Maplio network. Developers can extend the features using its friendly RESTful API's

Origins of Maplio

Maplio is intended to be a real-time location based social network allowing users and players to interact with each-other and explore fixed digital objects in their immediate location.

The vision for Maplio was conceived during the first UK lockdown of 2020 as a mobile version of multiplayer games such as Roblox or Minecraft that could allow younger players to take their gaming outdoors and connect in parks and other open spaces to play games and engage with other augmented reality content.

Maplio was originally known as Maplio and there may be still be references to it throughout this website, though we are gradually removing them.

Powerful administration interface

Maplio employs the Drupal CMS for its well tested management of users, registrations, secuity and robust security and the opportunity for rapid prototyping and communication of ideas

Dynamic Task and route creation

Maplio provides different methods for task and route creation. Tours can be crafted on the desktop or recorded from your mobile using a variety of settings and edited using powerful mapping and editing tools to share with private groups make them public and promote them.



A multitude of applications.

Maplio aims to create a range of games, tours and adventures and offer an easy to use, robust user interface for business, schools and local authorities to create their own interactive tours and guides. Maplio is accurate within meters so it can also be used in smaller spaces such as parks for local events.

Maplio is a fully functional mapping and location service that provides a unique set of tracking and collaboration features not currently available to the general public.

Maplio aims to revolutionise how we use our mobile phones to locate, communicate and collaborate with each-other to empower and entertain in innovative new ways.

Maplio development is still in its early development phase currently being developed by Laurence Fass, founder of Syntapse Sofware, who has been working on the concept since 2010.

The vision for Maplio started long before the current Covid crisis though its purpose and ethos is most appropriate in today's current social and economic climates.

Vehicle and fleet management

Manage fleets of vehicles and couriers using a proven administration. Maplio can help your company keep track of your assets and communicate with them in real time. Dynamic task editing means that you can adapt to changing circumstances and redirect assets in minutes, not days.

Manage public and private events

Manage volunteers, staff, stalls and a lot more at events of any size using reliable instant chat and video communications with a full notification system. Define roles, assign tasks and offer incentives for completing a wide variety of tasks of any complexity.

Create Trails, Routes, Guides and Tours

Use the automatic route generation features of the mobile app and refine your content with a full features word-processor and image editor before sharing your content in groups or with the general public. Configure routes to record your movements: whether on foot, on the road, even in the air. Edit the content later to create shareable routes.

Community generated content

Contribute to activities in your local community by creating trails, tours and guides. Get creative and bring actual locations to life. Share memories of places and things with people in the local surroundings. Create a sense of connection 

Make Maplio your first choice for Social Distanced Activity and Event Management

Maplio promotes and supporting safe social distancing for any event or activity at any scale

Maplio facilitates safe-distancing and collaborative mobile activities to find new ways to safely engage with others for business and leisure pursuits.

The Maplio engine is global in reach and aims to provide services to all countries across the globe - to revolutionize a wide range of industries and better integrate online and real life activities in a way never before possible with existing location tracking technology.

We have identified uses for the Maplio core engine in the following sectors though its application is universal.

  • Policing and government security

  • Council and local authority services

  • Medical and doctor services

  • Vehicle fleet management

  • Security and event management

  • Mobile gaming

  • Public Tours and Sightseeing.

  • Entertainment and theatre

  • Art exhibitions.

  • A wide range of other bespoke applications

We welcome any questions, proposals or ideas you may have please dont hesitate to get in touch!